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Balmes 181
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About Vector 3

The Vector 3 team commands over 30-years of experience in developing leading graphics and play-out solutions for broadcast. Boasting an impressive client list of over 1000 broadcasters worldwide, Vector’s legendary solutions for playout are world-renowned for their unparalleled reliability, tremendous scalability and outstanding performance. Since its launch in the mid 1980’s, Vector 3 has focused its research and development on IT technologies for the broadcast industry. Their long-standing experience in innovative applications for computer platforms has given them exceptional expertise in developing on-air solutions that deliver broadcast quality play-out with stunning image quality and active station branding. The range of Vector 3 solutions and applications are implemented by today’s premier system integrators, serving stations from the small one channel operation to the multi-site, multi-channel broadcaster. For more information, please visit:
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  • Content & Communications Infrastructure > Interface & Conversion > file conversion & transcoders; ingest metadata tools
  • Services > Managed Services > software as a service
  • System Automation & Control > News Automation > newsroom content automation systems
  • System Automation & Control > Station & Playout automation > playout automation
  • System Automation & Control > Station & Playout automation > video recorder/ video ingest
  • System Automation & Control > Station & Playout automation > workflow, business and resource planning systems